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Terry Walker
Consultant, Coach and Liaison

Success Rules
   Make goals happen

Types of issues or challenges I can help you identify and adjust:

  • Your sales revenue or margins are flat or decreasing. 
  • Sales compensation as an expense is out of control.
  • Sales compensation is not aligned with highest growth opportunities. 
  • Change management is a challenge. 
  • You're considering acquiring or selling a company.
  • You need guidance on most effective ways to integrate and maximize investment of an acquisition.
  • The senior team is home-grown and you don't have the key knowledge to adapt to what's next. 
  • Your considering a operations system, e-commerce or contact software change or purchase. 
  • You need to change a key manager or officer. 
  • You have a goal to grow your company to the next tier and just not sure how to do it. 
  • Senior leadership need a coach to identify strategies, tactics and drive actions to help your business grow revenues and profits.
  • Pricing isn’t consistent across customer segments.
  • Your company is in need of a refocus of strategy, tactics, resources, process and activities to drive sales, lower costs and increase profits.
  • You’re just not sure how to succeed in the new world of the giants (Amazon, Staples, Office Depot, Walmart).
  • You're working hard and not getting the results you desire. 

Not changing is not an option for the successful.