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Terry Walker
Consultant, Coach and Liaison

Success Rules
   Make goals happen

Why Success Rules? 

My name is Terry Walker. I have had a successful career in sales, business development and operations in the office products, e-commerce and software industries. My leadership role, in small, mid-sized and eventually Staples Advantage, was to lead growth.

I had the good fortune to play a part in several accelerated growth organizations. For accelerated growth to happen, businesses must continually execute and implement core principals, practices, processes and rules. These rules make the difference between success and failure.  I refer to them as Success Rules. 

One key rule, for example, is to continually adjust your business to coming changes in competition, talent, pricing, expansion, acquisition or sale. For a business to evolve and grow, you must continually adjust and prepare for the future. 

You can benefit from my experiences to help you meet your goals - I can teach you the rules that your business needs to follow to succeed and grow. 

Terry Walker
Consultant, Coach, Speaker and Liaison