Success Rules

Consulting and Coaching for the Independent Business  


For all owners, principals or key leaders of an independent office supply business --


Are you failing to achieve growth goals for your business?


Are you considering selling your business or do you want to acquire a competitor?


SUCCESS RULES is here to assist you!


SUCCESS RULES can help you recognize your highest priorities, identify strategies and tactics for success and lead an action plan that will achieve your goals.


We can help you to create a succession plan that will allow your business to continue to flourish and achieve your financial goals.

We can help you prepare to market your business so that you obtain the largest possible return on your years of investment.

And for those not planning any major future business changes, we can fine-tune your current business so that you can continue to achieve success.


If you would like the opportunity to consult and team with an industry professional with a demonstrated history of identifying priorities, strategies and tactics, and driving actions to achieved business growth, contact SUCCESS RULES , 


It’s easy and no-risk! We start with a confidential conversation about the state of your business today, its challenges and goals, and based on that, you will agree that SUCCESS RULES can help you achieve your business objectives.